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27 Feb

There are quite a lot of maps that I looked at when I was working on my map, to see the way I wanted to design my map, and what sort of game type I wanted it to be based on.


2fort is a Capture the Flag map in Team Fortress 2, where one side is the same as the other, just flipped.

Quake 2 has what some cosider to be one of the best maps ever, called “Edge”. This was the first map I looked at once I had read the Brief.

Karkand is the most popular map in Battlefield 2, and Battlefield Play4Free, and was liked so much, that it was remade and added as DLC to Battlefield 3. This is the map I always look forward to when played Battlefield Play4Free.

Payload is my favourite gametype of any multiplayer game, so this isnt the only map that I like that suports this gametype in Team Fortress 2, but there are so many, that I just went for the one I have played the most to show what the gametype is like.

Some maps, like Crash from Call of Duty 4, are not ones that I would put up there in my favourites, but that I respect for how well they are designed to suport a few different gametypes, and pulls them all off farly well.


My Map

27 Feb

My map is being made using the Source Engine, and is going to be a map in the game, “TeamFortress 2”.

The reason I wanted it to be in Team Fortress 2 (TF2), is because of the massive amount of team work players need to use to win a match, and the variaty of different classes there are for people to play as. The gametype I am going to set my map around is “PayLoad” (pl); in this gametype, the BLU team must try a move a Cart carrying a bomb along a track, and get it all the way to the other end, where as the RED team has to try and stop them from doing this, and after a few rounds, the team swap sides, so the game is far.

The main reason I wanted to use Team Fortress 2 for my Multiplayer map is because it is a game I own, and have a lot of friends online that also own it, and it will be easy to playtest and see what needs to be changed on the fly.

My map is set in the Energy Core of a large Space Ship / Space Station, and is besed off of a few Sci-Fi things; mainly Mass Effect and Battlestar Galactica; Mass Effect for the style of the interiour, and Battlestar for the exterior. At the end of the PayLoad track, the Bomb falls into the Core of the ship, and, if possible, I would like the BLU team Win to blow the ship in half, but that might be a bit to hard to pull off.

The map is designed so that the BLU team has to zig-zag up the map, going the longers way round, and the map is designed so that it is easy to get into a defencive position fast, no matter where the Bomb is.