“Finished” Map

28 May

My finished map is a 3 Point, Attack/Defend, Control Point map, with the BLU team needing to capture points 1 and 2 in any order, then, once both are taken, move on a capture point 3 within a time limit; whereas the RED team has to try and keep BLU from capturing the 3 points before time runs down, with each point being captured adding more time the clock.

My final map was supposed to be inside a large Space Ship, reminiscent of the inside of a Battle Star docking and fuelling bay, with the outside looking like a Dreadnaught class Ship from the Mass Effect universe. The map didn’t end up looking the way I wanted it; it didn’t even leave the Dev texture stage, making my map look grey, orange and see-through, with only the Points and Spawn rooms looking different.

I do think that the actual layout of my map is good, but it’s hard to know how good it is without actually playing in a game with more than ten people. The mirror map design and the multiple ways to attack or defend each point make it easy for both teams to do their job, and it should come down the skill of one side of the other to win a match.

Over all though, I would say that my map could have been a lot better, and I think that my biggest problem was only half sticking to my draw map at the start, then making different areas and a whole new floor without even drawing a map for it, man that it doesn’t look as good as the other areas. If I had more time on it, I would add the textures I wanted in it, and maybe try to get a few friends from college and online to jump in a play test my map, to make sure it actually works the way I wanted it too. I also might completely scrap the second floor of the map and start again, to try and make it fit. If I was to start from the start again, I might try the Unreal Engine, because it seems like you can do a lot more with it, and one of my favourite multiplayer games was Unreal Tournament.


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