My Map (First Half)

26 Mar

After a few hours of messing around in Source SDK, trying to work out how I wanted the main room to look, I actually started on the proper map. I knew that I wanted it to look like part of the Mars Mission on Mass Effect 3, where you are in a large room, with a massive window on the back covering the whole wall. There are two smaller rooms against the back wall, which are the RED spawn rooms, who are the Defenders in this map. In the Centre of the floor, is the Point, which the BLU team need to try and capture, and the Red Team need to try and defend; I have risen the ground around the Point so it can be easily defended, but also easily flanked by people coming from the other paths.

There are five paths in all from the first chamber to the first capture point room; two either side of the map, and one large one in the middle of the map. Each one has to slope upwards because of the way the map is designed, and to make room for the second half of the map I am going to need to make later, which is going to be above the first chamber, at least two levels up. One path either side of the main chamber and the Capture point room can only be accessed by triple jump, rocket jump or sticky jump at either end, so it is limited in how much of an advantage it gives, and will most likely be used for Scouts trying to sprint past and hit the long range players up close.


The main area is a very large room with the BLU spawn at one end, and the entrances to the capture point room at the other, with the Scout, Soldier, and Demo access entrances in the middle at either side. There is a cylinder in the middle of the room with gaps in it to allow strategic sniping and Scouts to get closer with less danger; falling down the middle of it however, will end in instant death. After this room was finished, and when I thought this half of the map was ready for Alpha, I noticed a lack of ways to get out of the middle section if you fell and where not a Scout, so I went around adding ramps to the lower area, to allow people to actually escape the centre.

The last section of the first half of my map is the BLU spawn room. It is located at the far side of the main chamber, and has three exits, whereas the RED spawn only has one, but is located on either side. The reason I have done this is because BLU are the attackers, and so need more chances to get out of there spawn area, so they don’t get dominated right from the start.

I need to do some testing with other people to know if there are any massive problems with the layout, or if there are any unexpected glitches, but that is going to be hard to organise. For now, all I have is this video of me running around the map as a scout, to give you the idea of how it all comes together.


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