New Map

19 Mar

After a while of trying to get a good PayLoad designed, I realized that for the sort of map I want, PayLoad would be a bad choice. I wanted there to be areas where heated battles would start is small corridors, or sniper fights in raised areas; and my first map had none of that. I decided instead to go with a “Capture Point”, “Attack / Defend” map,which I could design knowing that one team wouldn’t be restricted to a Cart moving around.

Capture Point can be made with a few different ways of play: Standard Capture Point is a game in which one team must take all the Points on the map, Control Point is where one team needs to hold one Point until the get there time to zero, and Attack / Defend, inwhich one team needs to defend Points from the other teams attempts to Capture them.

My Map is an “Attack / Defend” Capture Point type map, inwhich the BLU team needs to travel from the back to the front of a Space Ship, Capture the first Point, then travel back on themselfs, but one level higher to Capture the next Point. I have designed it with a lot more open areas than my first map, and with a few more branching paths (Nessessery Now because of the new Gametype). Its still not finished yet.


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