Sci-Fi Inspiration

11 Mar

The Citadel (Half Life 2)

The Citadel from Half Life 2 was one of the first things I looked into when I had decided the way I wanted my map to be played. Because it is thin compared to its height, it would be easy to make it a multi-levelled map, without making it seem too close to ground level, or making each level too small for there to be any good fights between the teams. The only problem is I am set on having it set in space, whether it be on a Space Station or a large Ship.

Another thing that I liked about the Citadel is how the inside is put together; it has one main room going from the very bottom to almost the whole way to the top, which was something that I really wanted in my map, but on a much smaller scale, maybe three or four levels, not hundreds. Also, like my map design, at the bottom of the main room, is where all the power comes from, and is sort of the main part of the half-arsed back story I made up about the map and why the RED and BLU are fighting over it.

Battlestar (Battlestar Galactica)

The thing that I wanted my map to look life from the start, are the Battlestars from “Battlestar Galactica”, which are very large battle ships that are about a kilometre long and about 300 metres wide. The main reason I wanted something like this is because of the way it looks; it doesn’t look like it has been designed to appealing, or look threatening, it just looks like it was designed with function in mind. I suppose one big reason I wanted my map to be like this was because I was a big fan of the series, and have wanted to make a game about something similar to it; not the story, but the way everything looks.

Mass Relay (Mass Effect Series)

As I mentioned earlier, I want there to be a large hole in the middle of the floor on my map, that looks as though it is supplying power to something, well, I want something that looks like the Mass Relay from the Mass Effect series, and have the purple particle effect going up though the whole map. If I finally decide to keep my map a “Payload” game-type map, at the top level, the payload would fall all the way down the map and hit the what looks like the round end of the Mass Relay, and I would have hoped to make an endgame event that made it look like the Mass Relay explosion in Mass Effect 2’s DLC, “Arrivals”.

Normandy SR1 / SR2 (Mass Effect Series)

Recently, I started playing Mass Effect again, and I noticed how fitting the way the main ship of the game, then Normandy SR1’s, interior looked for the sort of map I wanted to go for. Each different section of the ship looks like it was made for function, but after it was finish, it was changed so everything still worked the same, but it all looks a lot nicer, and matched what you would expect each part of the ship to look; from a hanger that has a lot of creates, but also a large area with nothing occupying it, to the main deck, that has a large hologram of the Galaxy in middle, and loads of slick looking computers surround it and going down a corridor to the cockpit.

The exterior also looks quite nice.

Dreadnoughts – Destiny Ascension (Mass Effect 1)

When playing through Mass Effect 1 again, I decided to read all the Codex entries, that give you extended information on most things throughout the game. I read one about the main ship of the Alliance Fleet called the “Destiny Ascension”, which was a Dreadnought class ship, basically making it a mobile Battle station, which is about one kilometre long. The reason I got really interested in this, and it made me want to base a big thing in my map about it, is how the decks work on Dreadnoughts; instead of being like all the other ships, and they way you would expect them to work, which is each deck spanning from the front of the ship to the back, the Dreadnought class ships have the decks layered from front to back, meaning that deck one is at the front, and then they go sideways across the ship. The reason the game gives for this is that the gravity simulators don’t need to work as hard, because the pressure when flying pushed people towards the ground on each deck, this doesn’t make too much sense, but I sort of see the false science behind it. Mars Base (Mass Effect 3)

There are no images that I can find of this online yet, but during the second mission of Mass Effect 3, you are inside a base on Mars, and the look of the inside of the base is amazing, and is almost exactly the way I wanted to make my level look from the start, and I was actually thinking about my map the whole time I was doing this mission. (Until the End of it D;)


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